Happy 4th of July

Bring on the fireworks, food, and fun!
Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Camp NaNo July 2014 starts in a few hours


Camp NaNo July 2014 starts in just  a few hours, tonight at midnight.  NaNoWriMo is always a fun way to motivate ourselves into writing a novel in a month, and in the Camp version you pick your own word count goal.  I signed on for 50K, and hope to finish my current work in progress and tackle a gothic novella if possible.

Camp NaNo July 2014 Word Tracker

I couldn’t find a word count tracker set up for 31 days, so I made one which you click on above.  Not fancy, but it gets the job done.  I LOVE watching the graph grow on the Camp NaNo website, and I like to keep a separate tracker like this too. (Yes, I know, I seem to have a graph addiction, but I’m not the only one!  :)  )  You can change your word count goal in the box at the top and then your daily word targets will automatically update for you.

So who else is doing Camp NaNo this July?



Summertime is officially here! My plans, you ask? Writing, of course, relaxing in my hammock, gonna try out a mint julep recipe, hanging out with family and friends, a trip or two to the races, a writer’s conference in Nashville, reading a stack of books, and as many spontaneous adventures as I can squeeze in. :)
My inner Darci comes out this time of year (she’s the florist from my Petal Pushers Cozy Mystery series, the one with a Krispy Kreme obsession and a ghost haunting her shop), as you can see by the picture above. That’s the back end of my Nitro crammed full of plants and flowers.  Some Knock-out roses for the front of the house, a pretty orange double hibiscus, and most of the rest went in a paver garden we just redid in the side yard.

What are your plans for this summer?


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