Check out the new cover for Queen of Schnapps

QoS Front Cover SM

I’m lovin the new cover! 🙂   The book’s interior has also been updated with an improved layout and some cool graphics. And Queen of Schnapps landed on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list for Dark Humor this morning.  Check it out!

To say Judith Webster is quirky would be an understatement . . . turns out she’s an alcoholic serial killer hell-bent on getting everything her heart desires. She hates her job at Gas ‘N Go, but works to fund life’s necessities: gambling, eBay, and her schnapps collection. When a hunky Irish actor joins the cast of her favorite soap opera, Judith’s new goal in life is to meet and marry Evan Gallagher. Her husband will just have to deal with it.

Nobody would ever guess Judith is insane, that she duct tapes her cat inside a goldfish-shaped bed from hell, or how mad she gets when Harry Qualls struts down the street with his mailman purse. Her biggest secret, however, is the way she deals with people stupid enough to piss her off. On her shit list is a dangerous place to be, but she’s taking names.

She hasn’t been held accountable for her crimes before, but a girl can never be too careful.


The First Day of Spring

Today is officially the first day of spring. I woke up hoping for leafy green trees full of chirping bluebirds, flowers in bloom, and plenty of sunshine.

easter flowers our yard april 1 2014

Somebody should have told the weatherman what day it was, because that is NOT  how it looks outside. The sky is gray, it’s cold as hell, and it actually snowed! I just hope everything that had started to turn green doesn’t die of frost bite.

Even so, I love spring and am glad it’s finally here. Can’t wait to open up the windows and let the fresh air in … well, after the damn snow stops falling, anyway.  Time to start spring cleaning, break out the patio furniture, and trade my snow boots in for sandals.

How’s the weather where you are? What’s your favorite part of spring?