Having a bad day? Pour your feelings into poetry

Having a bad day? Whether you’re mad at the tax man, sad, bummed out by too much rain, or anxious about an impending visit from your mother-in-law, poetry can be good therapy.

I’m the type to dwell on things that bother me. I don’t do it on purpose. Things that upset me just stick in my craw and won’t go away, nagging at the back of my mind loud enough to keep me distracted. One thing I’ve found that helps is to pull out the pen and paper and turn my feelings into a poem. It lets me get it out of my system, and sometimes leaves me with a decent little ode to my irritation. It’s also a good exercise for writers to experiment with new ways of expressing themselves.

Shadow Poetry is a website worth bookmarking for those with an interest in poetry. Their resources section has a comprehensive list of types of poetry, with descriptions and examples of each. Their ‘Handbook’ is an alphabetical list of literary terms, and they have a ‘Famous Poets’ sections. Anyway, it’s a terrific site for sparking ideas or brushing up on your poetry trivia.

Poems about sunny days and happy trips to the ice cream parlor are fine. I’m only suggesting that the next time you feel like your head is going to explode, try turning your rant into a few stanzas to help you blow off steam.

9 comments on “Having a bad day? Pour your feelings into poetry

  1. Cool site… though I’m not much of a poet. I do like to write poetry when I’m in a bad mood.


  2. I wish I was more of a poet, but I’m not. Thanks for the reference. Good to know there are places where we can learn the craft.

  3. Thanks, Ann & Joy

    I really like the ‘Shadow Poetry’ site. It’s fun to see all the different styles that have a name 🙂 and to experiment with them.

  4. Great post, Tina!! I use ‘Shadow Poetry’ as well. I love the page describing the different poetry forms. It never fails to inspire me! 🙂


    from the desk of a writer

    • Hi Corra,

      It’s one of my favorites, too. 🙂 My son uses it quite a bit for homeschool lessons. I like how they precisely explain each type of poetry, then give muliple examples so it’s easy to understand.

      ~ Tina ~

  5. bisiadjapon says:

    That’s so true. Except that I’m no poet. I rant in essays and articles :). I’ll certainly check out shadow poetry.

  6. Bisi,

    I’m not a good poety, I just like to dabble with it, and now I use it as free therapy. 🙂

    ~ Tina ~

  7. gualetar says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  8. Permrocksi says:

    Себе в закладки поставлю и друзьям посоветую!

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