Revising Petal Pushers

Well, I’m up to my elbows in Petal Pushers revisions, but I’m kinda having fun with it.  Thanks to some very helpful reviewers, I have all kinds of great ideas, and I think most of the nits have been picked clean, or at least they will be when I’m finished. 

I’m not sure whether this novel best fits into Mainstream or Women’s Fiction, but I enjoyed writing it, no matter which genre it ends up in.  It’s a light read about a woman who opens a flower shop, but includes a mini-mystery, a hilarious wedding scene, and a resident ghost.

I decided to give one of the lesser characters a bigger role, since so many people seemed to like her, so if you’re an Ashley Rosales fan, you’ll be seeing more of her later on in the book.  And I’m excited about a new element I decided to include at the end of each chapter.    Why is it I always put off rewrites, but once I dive in, I can’t tear myself away?

4 comments on “Revising Petal Pushers

  1. Diana aka Cadfael says:

    I know exactly what you mean, I do exactly the same 🙂

  2. Just this morning I was thinking that I’ve robbed you. I believe I have two chapters to go to complete this one. Gonna try and finish it soonest!!

  3. Bisi Adjapon says:

    Petal Pushers! Yaaay! One of my favorite, earthy novels. Go ahead, girl. I look forward to reading.


  4. Congrats on pushing forward with Petal Pushers. It’s fun to have been there for its first roots. 🙂

    – Corra

    the victorian heroine

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