Weird, Wacky Research

Ever wonder what the FBI would think if they hacked into your computer and saw the weird topics you’ve been researching for your next great novel?  Would they send you to the prison or the funny farm?

That thought crossed my mind the other day, with all the weird and wacky stuff I’ve researched, online and/or in person, while writing.    Here’s a rundown of some the topics:

  • Mace, online for the effects and  personally to see how it smells
  • Hot air balloons
  • Irish Shillelagh (you know, the stick leprechaun’s shake when they’re mad)
  • Various poisons
  • Charlemagne’s Baby Mama
  • Female undergarments from the turn of the century
  • Time travel theories and terminology
  • Cool new guns mobsters might use
  • Gunshot wounds, with really gory pictures
  • Banjo music from 1860
  • What Schnapps tastes like mixed with beer and pickle juice (so NOT  tasty)

Lumped together, they do sound quite odd, huh?  Hmm, the feds might think I’m building a time machine for the mob,  so I can force a drunken Charlemagne to wear lady’s underwear  and play the banjo in  a hot air balloon while I torture him with mace  and a shillelagh.  Then I guess I’d get a one way ticket to the dangerous ward at the closest nut house. 

What are some of the stranger things you’ve had to look up or try out for your writing endeavors?

9 comments on “Weird, Wacky Research

  1. amkuska says:

    Omg, you can research guns but you truly can’t appreciate the awesomeness of each one until you’ve fired them yourself. ^^ Each style has its own personality. It’s like matching yourself to a dog or a cat or something. You just have to click.

    Like for instance, I go shooting with a bunch of people. One guy is intimidated by the kick of a .45. I’m the one who has a cannon strapped to her shoulder, getting knocked back a foot and a half each time the cannon is fired, giggling like a maniac each time…

    Best gun ever: Mossin. ^^ Over 100 years old and still works real good. Invented by a woman, so of course it’s easy to use. Draw back is you only got 5 rounds. Good news is all you need to do is hit the target once.

    That being said, the mossin I borrowed from hubby has iron sights, and I hate those. >_> High-powered scope for me.


    But you didn’t really want to talk about guns did you?

    • Let me ease your mind: I do know how to shoot, I just don’t have access to cool firepower I needed to research. 🙂 Mine is little smaller than yours, a .38 Special. 🙂 The Mossin you mentioned sounds way cool, and I think I might look it up. Maybe I could work it into my mob novel, which I sooo need to finish up.

      • amkuska says:

        Actually. I only own lil baby .22s >.> my husband has an ak-47, an ar-15, the gun I mentioned, a .38 and a .45. I met him in a war game…can you tell?

  2. Joy says:

    Other than guns and the damage they’re likely to cause, I can’t think of any really dangerous stuff I’ve researched. However, my new story will take me into the realm of poisons and I wouldn’t count out explosives. 🙂

  3. Diana says:

    I’ve been writing back to back suspense novels and have thought about it a few times. I’d be locked up for sure.

  4. Cat says:

    Great post, Tina. On several occasions I had to clear out the history on the shared computer at my house. My kids would think I was nuts if they ever came across some of the things I’ve googled. 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by Cat.
    Mine have walked into my office many a time, looked at the monitor, and asked what the heck I was lookin’ at ‘that’ for. 🙂 And they already think I’m nuts. 🙂

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