Anybody heard of  WriteOnCon?  It’s new to me, but sounds like fun.  The free online conference starts tomorrow and runs from Tuesday, August 16 – Thursday, August 18, 2011.  Click HERE for their homepage and calendar of events.

WriteOnCon is geared toward kidlit so it’s perfect for those of you who write (or plan to write) YA, Middle Grade, or Picture Books.   That’s not my genre but I joined anyway.   The critiques are only for the above, but the site says “a lot of the information applies to all writers, so the more the merrier” and “the live events, blogs, and vlogs are open to everyone”.

Events are set up so that agents and published authors have Q&A with writers, plus there are chances for you to post queries and pitches for them to critique.  You really need to check out their schedule for all of the other awesome things they have planned.

3 comments on “WriteOnCon

  1. Susanna says:

    Writeoncon sounds so awesome – I’ve been trying to decide if I should sign up given that I can’t give it my full attention for three whole days…!

  2. Hey, Tina,

    I’ve heard about it, but never participated. Sounds interesting though.

  3. I signed up this year, but in the end the time zone differences and School got to me. 😦

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