Writing Goals 2012

Every January, I like to go over my goals for the year.  Posting them online sort of holds me accountable, so I’ll update my progress quarterly. Landing an agent, publishing contract, and a spot on the NY Times Bestseller list are things I want and hope to achieve one day, but I’m only putting things on my list that I have to power check off from my efforts.  I love crossing out things I’ve accomplished and don’t want to frustrate myself with stuff that’s out of my immediate control.

My Writing Goals for 2012
1)  Log in at least one hour per weekday on my writing career
2)  Write a new novel
3)  Finish/Polish/or Revise the 7 manuscripts in FINISH ME NOW, DAMN IT!  pile
(Some only need tweaks, others lack a few chapters)
4)  Attend more writing conferences and workshops
5)  Join a writer’s guild
6)  Submit something somewhere each week
7)  Write 12 poems
8)  Write 10 short stories

What are your goals for this year?

9 comments on “Writing Goals 2012

  1. Jess says:

    Wow~ I’m very impressed with your goals and have no doubt you can do it all! I’d like to write two MG novels this year~ I’ve got a pile of possibilities, but really need to commit or else I’ll just bounce from idea to idea.

  2. Hey, Tina,

    Goals keep us accountable
    I have some of the same ones you do. Just finish some stuff!

  3. Writing Jobs says:

    Excellent post today. I really enjoyed it very much thanks!

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  4. Those are fantastic goals. Good luck on them.

    I want to finish two WIPS. One just needs edits and the other is a draft that I recently began.

  5. Hi Medeia,
    Thanks, and good luck with finishing your WIPs. 🙂

  6. Yeah, that’s a great list. Here’s some of my goals:
    Promote Script Frenzy in Hamilton.
    Write 18 new short stories.
    Keep revising short stories.
    Finish ‘How to Revise your Novel’ course by Holly Lisle.
    Read 52 books.
    Read 52 short stories.
    Keep up with slushpile reader duty for Ad Astra magazine.
    Go to Kansas CSSF Novel workshop.

    Good luck!

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