Sunshine Award

CherylAnne Ham gave me this cool Sunshine Award, so thank you, CherylAnne!  🙂  Any of my readers who want to join in, consider yourselves tagged.

Favourite colour: Red
Favourite animal: Dogs
Favourite number:  17
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Coffee
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
My passion:  Living life to its fullest  🙂
Getting or giving presents: giving, and watching people open them.
Favourite pattern: polka dots, I guess
Favourite day of the week: Mondays usually, because it has that New Years Day feeling of being able to accomplish something in the days to come.   I like weekends too.  🙂
Favourite flower:  Lilacs.  I love the scent, and they remind me of my Great-grandmother, Mama Brown.  ❤

One comment on “Sunshine Award

  1. Cool, thanks for sharing.

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