Office Under Construction

I decided to treat myself to a much deserved and fantasized about home office renovation.  Woo Hoo!  It’s been functional for years, but faaaaaar from pretty.  🙂

In a few days everything should look cool and lovely, though right now, um, well, it looks like a furniture-from-a-box apocalypse.  I’m so not joking.  My new desk is still in a zillion pieces, the wall treatment needs tweaking, all the dust is making me wheeze, and I’m afraid to let my Boston Terrier best bud Maizy in the room because I’m afraid she’ll get crushed under something that is yet to be correctly put together.

Great things are in the works.  If all goes well, tomorrow I’ll post some news about one of my manuscripts, and pics of my office in progress the day after that.    Tonight, I need some wine, a handy man way handier than me, and my asthma huffer.

I’d LOVE to see pictures of your dream office, to give me ideas for finishing mine.  🙂

4 comments on “Office Under Construction

  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to the news and pictures. My office is in need of a serious cleaning – I can barely get through the door! 🙂

    • My office was like that too! I had a pile of paper and refuse on my old desk,and you wouldn’t believe all the stuff I found when I cleaned it all off. I truly believe writers are clutter magnets; we seem to love paper and refuse to throw it away. 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    My home office is our family room couch 🙂 I don’t dare to dream about what my own would look like at this point, BUT I’m thrilled to be able to live vicariously through YOUR office!!! Can’t wait to see photos 🙂

  3. I have a seperate room, but the family is always traipsing through it. 🙂 And they’re always carting off my pencils.

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