What I’ve been doing, Why to Check Spam, and the Faulkners

Thought I’d drop a quick note as to why I have been away from the blog.  My husband was injured at work and had to have surgery to repair a ruptured disc in his back, so practically the only thing I’ve done these past weeks has been running back and forth to doctor’s appointments with him.  The operation went fine and now he’s home, upstairs, sleeping comfortably (with the help of some very strong pain pills).  He can’t go back to work for 6-8 weeks, but things should be running on schedule around the house now, getting back to normal.

I normally check my junk mail every few days, just to make sure nothing important went there instead of my inbox.  Here recently I’ve been busy, worried and distracted,  so I didn’t think to check further than a quick glance at my  inbox.  I’d been expecting a  message from an editor and couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t heard anything, so I checked my spam an hour ago and nearly spazzed out.  Apparently, a contract for Petal Pushers has been sent and she’s wondering why the heck I haven’t responded.  OMG!  Everyone please cross your fingers and toes and hope she hasn’t given up on me.

The results for th 2012 Faulkner-Wisdom competition are in and though I didn’t win, I have four pretty exciting placements!  🙂
Petal Pushers is a Semi-Finalist in the Novel Category
The condensed version of  ‘No More Tears’ is a Semi-Finalist in the Short Story Category
‘Whisper’ is a Short List Finalist in the Poetry Category
‘Tree of Life’ is a Semi-Finalist in the Poetry Category

Now, I’m off to check on my  husband.

9 comments on “What I’ve been doing, Why to Check Spam, and the Faulkners

  1. This is all incredibly awesome news! So exciting! Good luck with everything… especially your husband! 🙂

  2. Hope your hubby feels better soon – that’s no fun. 😦
    Yikes! Better add her email address to your contacts! 😯
    Congrats on all the placings! That’s great!!! 😀

  3. I’m sorry about your husband. I’m glad he’s recuperating.

    I’m going to be more careful regarding my spam folders. I don’t check them as often as I should.

  4. Best of luck with the Petal Pushers thing!

  5. Pete Denton says:

    Good advice to check your spam folders. You never know what gets pushed into there sometimes.

    I have many issues with my back and can only imagine what a ruptured disc would do. All the best for both of you on that one 🙂

  6. Who knew that spam could provide such wonderful news? Congrats!

  7. Thanks everybody for your kind wishes for my husband (He’s doing very well!) and for the PP manuscript!!

  8. My husband is waiting to go into surgery for the same type of injury, also at work. Congrats on getting signed!

    • Tina DC Hayes says:

      Thanks Christina!
      Hope your husband comes thru the surgery feeling better. 🙂 It’s taking mine a while to straightened out.

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