LRW meeting and a Steamboat ride

Yesterday I went to a Louisville Romance Writers (LRW) meeting.  I can’t stress how important it is to connect with other writers, and this group is absolutely wonderful!  I’m a new member, but I’m amazed at how much fun and information they pack into that two-hour timeframe.  🙂  I just ordered a YA novel written by one member, and I’m just itching to read it!  Can’t wait to check out all the other great books from the ladies in the group too.

I live in western Kentucky, so Louisville is about a three-hour drive for me, but well worth the gas.  My being an out-of-towner when I’m there, I ran across a weird, unexpected traffic light.  In a nutshell, on Bardstown Road we came to a set of red stoplights, but there was another set of lights strung up just past them, a big red X on the left and a green downward pointing arrow.  My husband was driving when we both had our WTF moment.  🙂  The  red light over our heads and odd green arrow thing seem to contradict each other.  Does it mean stop unless we’re going straight, then sail on through?  Here, look at this pic, but remember we’re directly under the two red light that aren’t in the shot  when I took it.
Okay, so we decided that maybe they are meant to tell  drivers turning in from the left and right that the lane is open for them to use, but that we who are going straight have to stop.  Whether that’s right or not, we don’t have any idea.  😛  Anybody from the Louisville, KY area that knows why they’re there and what the hell they mean, please comment to save me from a ticket next month.

Anyway, after my RWA chapter meeting, Barry and I headed off to the river for an afternoon cruise on the Spirit of Jefferson.  With a margarita in my hand to stave off the heat and quench my thirst, we sat on deck chairs as the steamboat carried us down the Ohio River.  Cool way to end the day, huh?  🙂

3 comments on “LRW meeting and a Steamboat ride

  1. Sounds like a fun (and interesting) trip! I’m jealous. 😀

  2. Jess says:

    I have no idea about that stoplight, but the conference and boat ride sounded like a blast!!

  3. Some unfamiliar roads confuse me.

    I wish I went on more boat rides. I love them.

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