2013 Writing Goals

Looking over my 2012 goals, I think I did pretty well. I put in 24 extra writing hours in addition to the goal I set, I joined RWA last spring, wrote a new novel, placed pretty well with contest entries, attended an awesome writers conference, and best of all, I signed a publishing contract for Petal Pushers! Woo hoo!   🙂   Confession time for the things I didn’t get to cross off:  only wrote 3 of the 12 short stories and 3 of the 10 poems I’d planned on, but I’m very happy with the results; I haven’t signed an agent as of yet; there’s a stack of manuscripts still begging for revisions.  Not too bad overall.  😛

2013 Writing Goals
1)  Log in at least 365 hours on writing (includes revisions, queries, etc)
2)  Promote the hell out of the first book in my Petal Pushers Series
3)  Figure out how to use Twitter
4)  Work on getting an agent
5)  Write a new novel, 10 poems and 5 short stories
6)  Revise the 6 manuscripts waiting in my Fix Me pile
7)  Place in a contest
8)  Submit something somewhere twice a month
9)  Attend a writers conference
10)  Blog, at the very least, 3 posts a month

Goals are important to keep us on our toes and to remind us what we’re working for, even if we don’t get to cross everything off the list.  What’s at the top of your list this year?

4 comments on “2013 Writing Goals

  1. Maggie says:

    Awesome goals! I like the idea of logging 365 hours on writing-related things. You can accomplish a lot in just an hour per day.

  2. Hi Maggie,
    Thanks! I agree about getting a lot done in just an hour. I think it’s important to count all the time invested in a person’s writing career, not just the new wordcount, since polishing up those manuscripts takes so much time and usually drastically cuts the number of words. I keep a little timer on my desk while I work and pause it when I get interupted. :0)

  3. Hi there! Some of my goals for the year:

    – Apply to 4 writing workshop programs for the summer.
    – Finish the novel I’ve been revising for more than a year and get some beta readers
    – Start revising another manuscript.
    – Read 104 short stories (average 2 every week)
    – Learn to draw

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