Title for Book 1 in the Petal Pushers Mystery Series

After speaking with my editor, I have a definite title for by book:
Poison, Perennials, and a Poltergeist (Petal Pushers Mystery #1)

The cover should be finished soon, and this cozy mystery is scheduled for release in March.  🙂

I opened a Twitter account about a week ago and have just about figured out how it works.  Tweets from my Kindle Fire are going a whole lot better since I turned off auto correct, let me tell you.  The Twitterverse is a pretty cool place and I’m having fun with it.  There’s a button on my sidebar if you’d like to follow me.  Tweet me, maybe?  🙂


4 comments on “Title for Book 1 in the Petal Pushers Mystery Series

  1. Yay for the title and your new twitter account! I am exceptionally bad at twitter – seriously! – and I’m also a little afraid of it because when you go on there are SO MANY interesting things to click on that you can get lost there for days… so I have to be very careful 🙂 Have fun!

  2. Pete Denton says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Twitter! I love the place though it’s easy to spend hours on there without doing any real writing. I will find and follow you. In a non-stalkerish way 🙂

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