‘Poison, Perennials, & a Poltergeist’ cover and blurb

PoisonPerennialsandaPoltergeistCoverFront sm

Darci Shelton has just one year to make her new flower shop a success, but she must come to terms with the store’s resident ghost while struggling to put Petal Pushers in the black.

Customers in the small Kentucky town keep Darci busy with flower arrangements and landscaping jobs. She also has to watch over her pregnant employee, and puts herself in jeopardy trying to help the sheriff crack a murder case. While all that’s going on, the Ghost Lady heals puny plants, entertains the parakeet, and her cold spots keep the cooling bill down, but a dead woman who pops up beside floral displays just isn’t good for business. Financial ups and downs are hard enough to deal with, plus Darci needs to find out what the apparition wants before it scares everyone away . . . or worse.

Poison, Perennials, and a Poltergeist will be published and available in two weeks!

8 comments on “‘Poison, Perennials, & a Poltergeist’ cover and blurb

  1. It sounds terrific, Tina! And the cover is great! Can’t wait to read it! Congrats 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    The book sounds great and I love the cover! How cool to see the finished book with your name on it 🙂 Major congratulations!

  3. Hello Tina!

    Thank you for being a new follower of mine. I look forward to nurturing our blogger relationship 🙂

    Hey–would you like to join my Blog Hop? Its really simple, you will have one week to answer 10 easy questions specific to your upcoming novel and then I will refer my bloggers to your blog so they can see your Q & A. One thing you will be required to do is recruit 5 of YOUR blogger friends to participate as well. It’s fun and a great way to promote your novel. Just email me at terahvandusen@gmail.com if you accept my invitation. Or comment on my blog and I will send you further instructions.

    Thank you! Just let me know either way, no pressure! Just a fun thing to do if you have the time.

  4. Whoo-hoo! Good luck.

  5. Pete Denton says:

    Excellent news. You must be really excited.

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