Acknowledgements, Contests, and Other Stuff Keeping Me Busy

I never knew how important things like the acknowledgement and bio pages are, until I sat down to work on mine.  I recently spent two days polishing those and the dedication for Poison, Perennials, & a Poltergeist.  The thing to remember is that these three pages not only let you give a shout out to all the people who support you, they also let the reader get to know you a little better.  I kept my acknowledgements to one page, and made sure to mention why I was thanking everyone.  The About the Author page took the longest for me to get right, since it’s much easier and less awkward to talk about the book than myself.  The dedication was done months ago, and I do believe I’ll start all this front matter as I work on each manuscript from now on, at least make notes of the people who are helping, and not wait until the book is ready for publication.  That should save me time in the future.

Congrats to all the Quarterfinalists in the ABNA!  I didn’t go to the next round, but I’m cheering on a few of my friends who did. 🙂

I’m one of nine finalist in Lyrical Press’s How Lyrical is Your Romance? contest!  Pretty psyched about that!

Today I’ve been trying to set up a page at  Amazon’s Author Central.  For some reason, it lists me as ‘Contributing Poet’, but I sent an email or two and should have it fixed soon. I’ll post a link here as soon as that’s straightened out.

And a novella in my head is itching to be turned into a manuscript, so I’m trying to oblige.

What’s keeping y’all busy these days?

One comment on “Acknowledgements, Contests, and Other Stuff Keeping Me Busy

  1. Jess says:

    Confession time? I’ve had a book dedication mulling in my head for years 🙂 Every time I query a novel, I imagine who I would dedicate it to. Now I just need a published novel to actually apply all those hours of mulling 😉

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