Keeping Details Straight in a Series

I’m working on the latest draft of Book 2 (No Title Yet) in my Petal Pushers Mystery Series and decided to put together a sort of compendium to help me keep track of everything, especially those important little details.  This is something I was going to do before starting the third book, but since I keep having to stop and look things up in the first book, now is the time.

Big Happy Book

My new green moleskine is waiting for me to print out all the goodies I’ve been working on and glue them in.  Here are some of the things I’m including:
* Outline of each book
* Complete list of all characters in the series
* The ghost’s timeline, and one for each book
* Epigraphs used in chapter headings
* Plant of the Month info
* Sales data
* Cover pics
* Notes

With all that information packed into a special notebook, it should be much easier for me to double-check facts and keep all the details straight.  Don’t get me wrong, I know my characters inside out by now, but I don’t want have a scar jump around on somebody’s face between books, spell a name differently, mix up important events or dates, be repetitive with plants or quotes, switch a lefty to a righty, etc.  Most people know their families pretty well, but could you tell me which hand Uncle Ed’s mole is on, the movie Grandma was watching when you went to visit last year on her birthday, or how old your cousin was when she set fire to the cornfield?  See what I mean?

I’ll keep adding to this with each new novel in my cozy mystery series, and I’ll do another one up for a romantic suspense time travel series I’m hoping to finish later this year.  I’m a stickler for details and think this’ll be best way to keep up with everything.

Any other ideas to keep things straight in a series?

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