Checking in from Camp NaNo

I’ve been too busy to blog much this month, but thought I’d take a minute now to check in.

How are my fellow Camp NaNoers coming along?  I cut my word count goal back during the first week, and should cross the finish line around supper time tonight.  Less than 1,500 words to go.   🙂

I didn’t get nearly as much done this month as I’d hoped, and that’s fine.  I added a good amount of words to a few manuscripts and started a poem.  Didn’t get all the spring cleaning and organizing caught up either, like I’d planned, but I did manage to clean out my closet and a few drawers, and folks can walk thru my house without threatening to call Hoarders on me.

There’s just over five hours left of July’s Camp NaNo, and I’m sadistic enough to be eager for the November session to start.  😛   The awesome new 50K first drafts are the best part, but I love having a deadline, updating the word count a hundred times a day so I can watch that bar graph grow, having a good excuse to stay up past midnight getting snack crumbs all over my keyboard, and sharing the torture experience along side thousands of other writers.

As for what I’ll be doing tomorrow?  Starting on my mile long August To-Do list.  I’ve got some killer stuff coming up next month!

2 comments on “Checking in from Camp NaNo

  1. Congrats! I just managed to get up to 10k, but I’m happy with that. 🙂

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