Week 2 in NaNoLand


It’s the second week of NaNo 2013, and like I expected, I’m sleep deprived and over caffeinated, but I’m enjoying it.  🙂  I’m a little behind on my word count, but not worried since that is normal for me.  It’s not really NaNo until you’re scrambling to catch up.  Have I mentioned before that I get a thrill from watching that NaNo graph grow each time I add words? Yep.  Seems like that’s the only thing I do in November.

This is my 7th year.  The novel I’m working on is a romantic suspense full of twists, a sexy rock star, murder, and since it’s set in New Orleans, there might be a little paranormal action too, but we’ll have to see.

How are you other NaNoers doing?  Ahead or behind?  Any top secret tips you’d like to share?

4 comments on “Week 2 in NaNoLand

  1. Jess says:

    7th year??? I bow down to you! I haven’t managed to do it once yet. Sounds like a great NaNo project 🙂

  2. Hey! My crazy trio of projects are doing well. I’m about to finish the second of two Camp Nano manuscripts, and then I guess I’ll go back to discovering ‘Measuring alien love on a kitchen scale’ 😉

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