A snowy February

Snow is so pretty.  To an extent.  I mean, I love watching snow fall, especially on a moonlit night, but the ice and sludge and inconvenience I can do without.  Snowball fights and sledding full speed down a hill, hell yes.  🙂  Falling on ice and having the internet go out for a week due to frozen signal tower, that I’m not so thrilled with.

We’ve had a beautiful blanket of the white stuff on the ground for well over a week, and I can enjoy looking at it again now that my internet service is back on. Here’s a picture of part of my backyard, taken at sunset a few days ago.  The light on the icy tree branches looked awesome, almost like they were crusted with diamonds or Mother Nature had went wild with tinsel.


One small patch under the tree melted enough today for me to see the brown grass underneath, but I still had to use 4-wheel drive to get up the driveway. And the weather dude just said we might get two more inches tonight.   So long as the power doesn’t go out,  bring it on!

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