Fun Stuff for Writers and Readers

Thought I’d share some of the fun stuff I’m joining in on, for you writers, readers, and bloggers out there.


My friend Angie Ballard has something fun going on over at her blog each Monday.  It’s called ‘Write What You Love, Love What You Write’, and the idea is to post a snippet of your work-in-progress, either in her comments or on your blog and link it to her site, so we can find it.

Here’s mine for this week, a few paragraphs from my WIP, To Have and To Hold, Like it or Not:
Those last two had to be the most confusing kisses ever.  Also some of the most passionate, and sadly, the most unrequited.  Even the one on her cheek at the rectory had left her feeling kind of tingly.  Maybe the only reason his lips nearly took the literal breath away from her was the simple fact it wasn’t supposed to.  Tell her not laugh, she’d break out in the silly giggles.  Tell her she had to stay awake, she was out like a light.  Tell her not get into trouble, she’d have the time of her life and end up waking up in the county jail.  It only made sense, really.  Prudence had told her to pretend to be in love… but no, that wasn’t it.  I am sooooo NOT now or ever will be in love with Reece Hollingsworth!  Yeah, he’s a nice guy, but it was just a smooch.  No biggie.

She wondered if he felt anything special during the kiss.  Probably not.  He did hold onto her when he could have dropped his hands from her waist, but Mumsy Dearest was watching and orchestrating the whole damn thing.  Well, actually it was Sheri who posed them and put the idea into their heads.  Sleeping beside Reece for the next five years wouldn’t be such a bad thing at all, because if he could kiss like that, OMG, getting busy with him would be ecstasy. 


Apryl Baker’s Romance Blog Fest 2014 starts soon and will run the whole month of April! I’m scheduled to contribute a post on the 20th for my Romantic Suspense novel, Nefarious, and I’ll  be checking out her blog each day next to read the fabulous words of my fellow romance writers.


And don’t forget the A to Z Challenge, which is also going on all of next month!  Gonna be fun!

Check those out!

7 comments on “Fun Stuff for Writers and Readers

  1. This is really awesome. I’m going to check it out. Thanks for posting this:)

  2. Alex Hurst says:

    Sounds like a fun blog hop; I also like the icon, and I rarely do for these sorts of events, so props to the designer!

    Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.

  3. Victoria says:

    Wonderful blog Tina and look forward to seeing you in the A-Z Challenge!

  4. Pagadan says:

    I enjoyed your blog! Now I’ve got to get ready to choose my B word…

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