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Here’s a recipe from Secrets, Snapdragons, and a Secret, the 2nd book in my Petal Pushers Mystery Series.  Miss Addie is the ghost who haunts Petal Pushers flower shop, but fortunately she wrote this down when she was still alive and kickin’.  Corn on the cob is already on grocery shelves this spring and that’s the type to use in this recipe.  You’ll have to check out the book for the other version that uses dried corncobs, which you’d find in the field after the farmers harvest the crop in the fall.

Miss Addie’s Corncob Jelly
Makes about 4 or 5 half pint jars

“Some folks think this tastes like apple jelly, some say it tastes like honey, but everybody agrees that it’s yummy.”

12 fresh corncobs, with the kernels cut off and used in another recipe or frozen
4 cups water
4 cups sugar
1 package powdered fruit pectin

Cover the corncobs with the water in a large kettle or stock pot and boil for fifteen minutes. Remove from heat, cool, throw away the cobs and strain the liquid through cheesecloth. You’ll need three cups, so add a little water to it if needed. Return to the pot, stir in the pectin, and bring to a full rolling boil, add the sugar and boil for one more minute. Remove from heat, skim any foam off, and pour into hot half pint jelly jars and seal.


5 comments on “Jelly

  1. Janice Heck says:

    Sounds like a good ole down-on-the-farm recipe that my Granny might have made. Your post brought her sweet little self to my memory board. Thanks.

  2. Cecilia says:

    that could be an interesting jelly to make. thank you for sharing the recipe.

  3. evalinamaria says:

    Thanks for sharing, good luck with the challenge!
    Evalina, This and that…

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