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So many timeless stories have started with an author who thought, ‘What if….?’   These two simple words come together to spark the imagination, to make us wonder what would happen if something was added to an otherwise ordinary situation.  The What-If is a brainstorming tool like no other–it’s free, works without a computer or smart phone, is available 24-7, and takes up absolutely no space.  The perfect go-to gadget if you need an idea for your next manuscript or when you need to add some excitement to a scene you’re revising.

What-Ifs will even pop up on their own.  Mine comes on a lot when I’m standing in a long checkout line or driving down the road.  Sometimes a song on the radio will kick it into gear.  What-If three women dressed like ballerinas ran out of the pawn shop over there, money trailing behind them… how would they get away? What-If they had a clown car waiting, or a helicopter, or some pretty horses?  What-If the nice lady at the drive thru had a life-long dream of becoming a hit woman and practiced by randomly sprinkling poison on my french fries? What-If that shy waitress got up the courage to ask out the Big League baseball player who sits in her booth eating bacon and eggs every Sunday morning?  And What-If he had to cancel that date for a one-time shot to be a pinch hitter for a rival team in the World Series?  What-If an icky monster really is hiding under my bed, and my cherry-vanilla hand lotion just made him hungry?!

See what I mean?  The What-If is hard to turn off once it gets fired up, but it’s guaranteed to give you great ideas.  (Um, legal disclaimer time.  Okay, you won’t get any money back with this guarantee, since it was free, but if you have a defective What-If, I’ll be happy to listen to you rant about it until you figure out how to work it.)

5 comments on “What-if

  1. I’ll have to remember this. These two words can give you a lot of ideas. Thanks!

  2. blondeusk says:

    Good idea – I like the idea of the shy waitress and the Big League baseball player!

  3. nrhatch says:

    What ifs definitely start the wheels spinning.

  4. Liz Brownlee says:

    What-ifs are pretty helpful in poetry, too!

    Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

  5. Yes, what ifs are great. We have a lot of science and technology to thank them for too!

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