Walking and Writing

My workouts are in the morning but I look forward to putting on my walking shoes after a spending so much time at my desk. Talking a nice long afternoon walk not only helps me burn off the extra caffeine in my system, it’s also the time when I get some of my best writing ideas.  I think I heard somewhere that walking is a form of meditation, since you naturally clear your mind and let your thoughts come and go as you take in the scenery.  Whether I’m in the planning or polishing stage, new plot twists, bits of dialogue, and random details about whichever manuscript I’m working on at the time pop into my head. Fall field and flowers SM Sept 11, 2014 My walks are usually two or three miles on the country road we live on, but sometimes I’ll go to the park after I run errands in town.  (I took the picture above on a rainy afternoon about a week ago.) The voice recorder app on my phone comes in handy, so I don’t lose the ideas before I can jot them down. If I think anybody is close enough to hear me, I just pretend like I’m having a short phone conversation, but with the stuff I write it still comes off sounding a little weird: “She kills him with a woodchipper and then heads home for a glass of schnapps.  See you later!” or “They have a steamy love scene and break out the peacock feathers and ice cubes. Bye-bye!” Yep, I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a certifiable lunatic by now, but at least they still smile and wave.  🙂

Quite a few famous authors and poets have been known to find inspiration while walking, such as Stephen King, Charles Dickens, J K Rowling, and Walt Whitman.  Henry David Thoreau once said, “Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.”

Does walking kick your muse into overdrive?

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