Walker Stalker Con was Awesome!

This past weekend I got to hang out at Walker Stalker Con 2017 in Nashville. It was AWESOME!


Doesn’t take much for me to geek out over The Walking Dead so no surprise this event put a silly grin on my face that still won’t come off.  The casual atmosphere made meeting the actors seem almost normal.  There were panels to watch, meet and greets, venders selling all kinds of cool stuff, and a few zombies stumbling around.

Abraham and Glen
Here’s a shot of Michael Cudlitz walking out to surprise Steven Yeun during his panel. It was so cool to see Abraham and Glenn together again, alive and joking around after their gruesome departure in that unforgettable scene with Negan and Lucille.

This guy was probably the best speaker at the event and one of the nicest people we met. IronE Singleton spoke about some of his personal struggles that led him to his acting role as T-Dog on TWD, his experience on the set, and the projects he’s working on now. He carried on conversations with people in the crowd and made a point to interact with all the children who gathered around.

Me and a Daryl
There were a sea of impersonators paying tribute to their favorite characters from the biggest television show on the planet. Can you guess who most people in costume chose to dress up as? Carl! They were everywhere, and as cute as could be. The picture above is of me and the best Daryl impersonator I’ve ever seen. He even has the voice down perfectly, as well as the walk.

One of the best things about the event is that fans actually meet the actors who reduce us to screaming, blubbering piles of emotional wreckage cringing on our couches while we watch each new episode. Some others I personally met and spoke with include Chandler ‘Carl’ Riggs, Chad ‘Tyreese’ Coleman, and Katelyn ‘Enid’ Nacon.

Can’t wait to see what happens in the next season of The Walking Dead.

2 comments on “Walker Stalker Con was Awesome!

  1. icrusoe says:

    This event is amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them during their London visits, and have been completely blown away by the way they care for the attendees.
    So glad they brought WSC and HVFF to Europe.

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