Petal Pushers Cozy Mystery Series News

Quite a few fans of my Petal Pushers Mystery Series have asked when the next book is coming out, and  what kind of trouble Darci and Miss Addie will get into next, so I thought I’d make a few announcements about that today.


The first two books in the cozy series will relaunch on New Years Day! My former publisher is going out of business so it made more sense to wait to put the third book out after that. There were many ‘delays’ with them getting files and information to me on schedule, and they stopped selling the books this morning instead of on the 31st, or I would have made this announcement sooner.  Anyway, I’m really excited that my Petal Pushers Mystery Series will get a facelift, with new and improved covers and interior formatting!

And about the third book in the series, it will be coming out in summer or fall of 2015!   I’ve been asked for hints as to what will happen, so, just between you and me . . . one of the characters just might die, but I’m not saying who.  Or how. Or what that means for  Darci and Miss Addie.

The cover reveal is coming soon!