Read “Midnight Reveille” Free on your Kindle, in Honor of Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, “Midnight Reveille” is available for free on Amazon until Friday! This sweet paranormal romance is a Kindle Short Read, a short story you can enjoy on your coffee break. Since I have some real World War II heroes in my family, I was proud to include a note at the end that mentions their service in the Navy and Marine Corps and tells how they influenced parts of this story.

Midnight Reveille Cover

“Midnight Reveille” is a short story about a couple torn apart by World War II.

When Lily wakes up to find an unexpected visitor in her room, she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Jonathan has been gone for years so she can’t believe her eyes when he pops back into her life, in the middle of the night, not looking a day older than the last time she saw him. Has she lost her mind, were the reports of his death a mistake, or is it really possible for Lily to have a second chance with her one true love?