Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very Inspiring Blogger Award

A big thanks to Christina Jean Michaels over at The Muse of my Imagination for passing this Very Inspiring Blogger Award to me!  Memes are such a fun way to get know fellow bloggers.

The rules are:
1) Display the blog award
2) Mention and link to the person who nominated me
3) Tell my lovely readers seven things about myself
4) Pass on the love by nominating fellow bloggers

So here’s my Very Inspiring Blogger Meme:

1) I love Horror movies, the scarier the better.

2) We are a pet loving family, bigtime.  We have 8 dogs (Bostons, German Shepherds, a GSD mix, and one teeny little Yorkie) who I love to train and show.  They are a constant joy to be around, and a little spoiled.  🙂  And we have 2 parrots, Miss Jasper and Winson, one of whom has been known to call my husband bad names.  Not joking, but it always makes me laugh myself silly.  Plus we have a lop-eared bunny and a turtle.  It’s hard to be lonely in this house.

3) I actually enjoy working out, but I also have no problem eating gooey chocolate desserts.  Mmm-mm, no problem at all.  🙂

4) I live out in the country and over the years we’ve had all kinds of animals walk through our yard uninvited.  Bunnies, a stray goat, bullfrogs, unclaimed kittens, the neighbor’s horse, Bald Eagles, and quite a few deer.  Not that they bother me in the least.  🙂

5) I’m lacto intolerant but can digest and therefore love to eat goat cheese.

6) My guilty pleasure is watching girly reality shows like The Kardashians and Jersylicious.

7) I love high heels.  I’m drawn to the ones that hurt like hell after they’ve only been on my feet for two minutes, but they’re cool and I’m wearing them anyway.

Drum roll please!  Here are my nominees: