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No More Tears Cover

 No More Tears
ISBN:  978-0692334867
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When her sister is sentenced to death by cancer, Lisa must overcome her own premature grief and help Dana enjoy the time she has left.

Lisa Elkins is devastated to learn terminal lung cancer will claim 39-year-old Dana Yager’s life in a matter of months. Though she goes along for moral support when Dana plans her own funeral, Lisa has a hard time coming to grips with her sister’s impending death. After one of Dana’s near-fatal ER visits, Lisa realizes she’s been smothering her sister with care and precautions, and that forcing Dana to stay in bed, bored senseless, isn’t going to cure the disease or prolong the inevitable.

Dana simply wants to enjoy her final days as best she can, but will Lisa be able to stop her overprotective tendencies before it’s too late?