Laptop Bling for Writing on the Go

laptop Bling

Most of my work happens in my home office on my PC, but sometimes I like to escape have a change of scenery. My laptop comes in handy for writing on the go, whether I’m traveling, at the library, or clacking away at a chapter on the patio to get some fresh air.  I decided to decorate my traveling workspace because, well, personalizing stuff is fun, life is in the details, and bling is pretty.  🙂  The new decal on the front makes me happy. The ethereal butterfly dissolving into little ones reminds me of the series I’m working on, and it looks so much cooler than the plain lid did.

laptop minionsMinions beside the keypad taking selfies encourage my characters to misbehave, and what more could an author want?

What do you think? How do you personalize yours?

Coffee or Tea?

Starbucks cup

Which is your go-to writer fuel, coffee or tea? Or do you guzzle Pepsi or an energy drink?

It’s coffee for me, the stronger the better. And if I’m writing late into the night, you can bet there will be some wine on my desk.

So, what’s your drink of choice when you sit down to write?